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the effortless publishing package
Affordable creation of your own audio cd series, published book
and nationally syndicated radio show

Self-publishing has never been easier. We simplify the book writing process for you while creating additional products, including an audio cd series and a nationally syndicated radio show.

In the process of recording an audio cd series, your book writes itself. With a time investment of as little as one hour a week, your book can be completed in several months. Each recorded conversation becomes a book chapter, which we edit with your final approval.

Audio CD Series - for sale as an audio book or on the web in MP3 format
interview-style recorded conversations with one of our broadcast professionials that showcases your work and teachings; recorded from your own home or office
Soft Cover Book - published on demand or in a full printing run
the conversations are transcribed and edited into a full length book
formatted for internet download in PDF format, includes full-color cover and pagination
Nationally syndicated radio program
once your internet radio show has achieved a nominal listener base, your program can be marketed for national radio syndication

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